Elday (Electro Day) 2019
Tanggal Event
13 - 13 Sep 2019
Jam Event
08:00 - 14:00
gedung 14 ruang 14301 Institut Teknologi Nasional Bandung, Bandung

(toa) SEMINAR ELDAY 2019 (meeting)

(pidato) DAMN : Disaster Awareness and Mitigation for a better Nation

Tsunami (ombak), earthquakes,  volcanic eruptions (volcano), and other disasters, struck our lands as Indonesia lies in the continent called "the ring of fire" where many volcanic and tectonic activities occurred.

Thousand victims are inevitable in almost every disasters due to application of mitigation technologies and communities socialization that doesn't meet its maximum potential.

Join and contribute yourself in knowing our country's technological struggle against disasters through this Seminar that could enlight your knowledge in mitigation technology.

Expand your ideas, share it with experts and find yourself as a hero, helping Indonesia growing its strength in order to overcome disasters in the future.

Date and Place (tanggalan): 

13 September 2019

Gedung (gedung) 14 ruang 14301 Itenas Bandung

Pre-sale I (tiket) : 40k

Pre-sale II (tiket) 45k 

CP : 

line/WA : lutfikhary/085720040829

Link : http://bit.ly/SeminarDAMN

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