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Social interaction is very important in our life. We are human and we can’t life alone, so we have to doing social interaction with others. Everyday and everywhere we always meet others whether they are our parent, family, neighbour, friends, teacher, etc and we should be a friendly and humble human to make our social interaction goes easily. Because if we don’t do social interaction, we will life alone, we will not have a friend and it will make our life bored and tired. Actually, life without doing social interaction it is very rarely found in our country. So, what is social interaction? Walgitu (2001: 65) assumed that Social interaction is a relationship between one individual to another individual who can mutually influence each other, that is be one individual way in Social behavior so that it can increase the quantity and quality in behave so that the individual become more mature in behavior in social situations " People have to doing social interaction, especially millenials.

Millennial teenagers refer to as digital native.They are generation of teenagers who grew up in the environment completely digital. They are born with an environment who have experienced technological developments. Youarti (2018) stated that millennial adolescents are generation of teenagers who started small already very familiar with technology. Environment with various kinds of technological advances it can affect attitudes as well the behavior of the adolescent.

Technological developments can be seen from the use of social media by millennial adolescents. Social media is not only used as a medium for interaction. Social media is used as a learning media and also a very efficient online buying and selling media by millennials. this is one of the positive impacts of technological developments. Besides that, there are also many creative industries that have emerged as a result of technological developments. From there, they can make money just by playing on social media.

In this pandemic, using social media is increasingly prevalent considering the restrictions on outside activities so that people rarely leave the house to just refresh and interact with neighbors. especially millennials, they spend more of their time on social media because in social media, we can interact with others like we interact directly, they can search for what they enjoy doing and even millennials think social media is their world, all things can be found there, new friends, new figures, new idols and even new knowledge can be found on social media. Schools are also actively involved in the use of social media as a form of changing times so that they are not left behind with other countries, so schools often give students the task of uploading their work through social media, then asking their friends to give their responses, so that can strengthen interactions with each other, although indirectly.

Besides these positive impacts, social media also has negative impacts, including the millennial generation who are more interested in the virtual world than with the surrounding community. This makes the millennial generation considered a generation that is less ethical when meeting other people, from the point of view of gen Y, they consider generation Z to be a technology generation that cannot be separated from gadgets and their virtual life. This is very unfortunate. In addition, asocial attitude that lacks feelings or sensitivity to values ​​and norms in society because it is too selfish. This asocial attitude is often associated with individuals towards their social life. This asocial attitude makes teenagers less motivated towards someone because this social attitude lacks social sensitivity and is selfish. Technological developments are indeed very profitable and important in today's era, but their use must still be considered. Remind that our environment is our priority, social media is only to help us communicate easily.


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