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What is the relationship between humans and religion? Humans are ourselves, and we also have our own religion, therefore these are two things that we are all familiar with. However, before we get any farther with these two topics, it's important to understand what the terms "human" and "religion" signify. Humans, in general, are the most flawless of God's creations in comparison to other creatures, and they live in social groups. Because people cannot survive alone, they rely on one another to accomplish certain tasks. Humans are split into two groups: Basyar and Insan. Basyar is derived from a root term that originally meant good and lovely appearance, whereas Insan is derived from the word uns, which means docile, harmonious, and visible. So, when we talk about how humans are according to Islam, these two components must be present, because if humans only care about one of them, they are not really human, according to Islam.

While religion can be defined as a system that governs a creature's belief and worship of his almighty God. Regulating here in the sense that it is a separate obligation for members of a certain religion to believe in their God and perform their worship, or else they will be punished. The Arabic word for religion is din, which has several meanings in this context, including:

1. Defeat and surrender to the more powerful,

2. Obedience, or the inability of the weak to resist those in positions of power,

3. The application of criminal law, civil law, and regulations, as well as their observance

4. Judgment, calculation, or accountability, retaliation, verdict, and other related terms.

Humans that live on this planet undoubtedly have their own religion, and not all religions follow the same set of beliefs or practices. However, in light of these two considerations, can humanity survive without religion?

There are several factors to examine in order to answer this issue, including how we view religion. As a result, religion must be stressed here; how do we view religion? If we consider religion to be merely a formal religion, such as Islam, Christianity, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and others, humans can survive without it, such as a blank religion information on an ID card. Meanwhile, if we consider religion in terms of human divinity, we can see that everyone has a divine spirit. As a result, no human being can exist without religion. Although the divine soul that is indicated here relates to people who may or may not have a formal religion, or we can say the locals belief, they also believe in the spiritual power of nature, which they normally respect. By performing specific rites, they are implying that they have a divine spirit. As a result, we can deduce that humans and religion are fundamentally linked.


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