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The Ways to Improve Your Speaking Skill

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The Ways to Improve Your Speaking Skill

To become an expert communicator, one needs to be proficient in 4 language skills, they are listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Listening is one skill which people need to have to reach the mean that people say to ourself. Reading is a skill which people usually use it to get the information from some word. Writing is how to deliver some information by using word. We can not deny that all of these things are important, but in my opinion, speaking skill is one of the most important skill and needed by every single person in this modern era. For example, Salesmen, they need speaking skill to promote, convince and persuade others to buy their products. Students, they need it to express their opinions and do a spectacular presentation in front of their teachers and friends. Parents, when they advise their children, they need to know how to deliver their advice clearly, and many more. These examples make me more sure of the importance of learning and mastering speaking skill and how to give soul to a word. However, being a good speaker can be learned and not only determined by talent. Here are several ways to improve your speaking skills.

The first thing that you should do to improve your speaking skill is to find a good environment that will support you to speak English. Speaking skills need to speak, so the important one is forcing ourself to use and speak English language in our activity. Joining a club or a volunteer organization that use an English language in their life is one of solution, because you will meet many people inside there. Time by time, your speaking skill will improved there.

The next is listen some conversation from a native speaker. This way is very effective way to improve your speaking skills. Speaking skills need a support from another skills. Try to listen a conversation, and try to say it directly. You need to repeat that until you can imitate them. Then, record it and listen your speaking. You can compare it with the native record.

The fun way is to listen an English music and watch an English movie. This way is a fun way than others. You can explore a new vocabulary from the music and film. Try to catch a lyrics of music or a conversation in the movie. If your listening is not too good, you can browse first the lyrics and find the mean of each words.

Speaking skills is an important skill that you should have it. We always speak in many situation in a day. When you have a trouble in speaking English, you should start speak English from today. When you stay consistent to speak in English everyday, you will end your trouble in speaking.


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