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It is impossible to deny that everything, including language, is changing in this increasingly technological day. When it comes to language, we can state that it is a vital component of human life that serves as a container or instrument for communicating with other living things, particularly humans. Language evolves over time as well, especially in this millennial era. The original language may still be preserved today. However, there are terms that are not in the dictionary but are widely used and uttered by a large number of people for various purposes, but are more commonly used as jokes. These words have their own meaning and significance, not merely when pronounced. These are referred to as "slang word." So, what exactly is a slang word? Slang word is informal language that are used by a variety of peoples to achieve unique goals and objectives. According to John Alto and John Simpson (2010), slang is a colorful and unconventional lexicon. We can deduce that the alternative here refers to the casual word, as in the first definition. Do you believe that all slang words are the same? Each country has its own slang word. Because slang words exist in every culture, we can deduce that slang words are highly prevalent. Slang words are frequently used nowadays, particularly by young people to make jokes with their peers. This word arises regularly not only in real life but also in movies. Slang words appear to have been ingrained in the language. We'll go through slang words in greater depth later.

Slang word, as previously stated, have become a phenomena and an integral element of today's language. Each culture has its own slang word, such as dude, swag, nuts, and so on in English. G'day, dunny, crikey, and other phrases are common in Australia. Indonesia also has words like mantul, manjiw, sans, and so on. So, how does a slang word affect language? According to G. Brook (2015), the impact of slang words on language is not totally negative or positive. If we consider the above statement, there is no danger. Slang words have both positive and negative aspects. On the plus side, if someone uses slang language in their chat, they will feel more at ease interacting with their new acquaintances. On the other hand, the disadvantage is that slang words may obscure a word's original meaning, making people more conscious of slang words as correct meanings than words from the original language. We can deduce from the preceding remark that using slang words to communicate or joke is acceptable, but don't forget the original language of the word. The goal is to employ slang words judiciously while keeping the native language's words in mind.


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